About us

A long term passion for art, design, photography and all things 70’s led an ex Legal Aid lawyer with four small children to create Rare Rabbit Australia in 2006. With an instinct for trend, popular culture and the authenticity of leather and wood, Rare Rabbit has captured a special place in the hearts of those who have been initiated. Our team is a small and passionate group who create the essence of Rare Rabbit. Together we aim to provide quality products and exceptional service.
We release two Australian-designed collections a year to coincide with our February and August trade shows in Sydney, Melbourne and New York.
We travel to the places where our products are made to observe work practices, ask questions and spend time with employees. Our goal is to design quality products that inspire creativity and that we know are produced fairly and at the same time enjoy this small window of time we have with our children.


The majority of our wood jewellery is made using only the branches of trees, ‘the Stem’. This enables the whole tree to continue to thrive and re-shoot in time. We try as best we can to minimize our impact on the environment.

Reading Rabbits

Rare Rabbit provides a scholarship program for the children of our largest supplier. This is part of our “Reading Rabbits” program. We pay a proportion of each child’s schooling costs as a commitment to ensuring that education is given a priority. Our workers receive at least the minimum local wage plus a scholarship allowance. This program ensures the workers’ families receive the benefits of extra income. It also provides their children with the opportunity to seek a better life. By supporting Rare Rabbit you are helping us to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.