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eGift Cards FAQ's

How will I receive my eGift Card?

eGift Cards and instructions on how to redeem them are delivered by email directly to your inbox so you can purchase them right up until the last minute.  You can then either print out or forward onto the lucky recipient by email.

Can an eGift Card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Can eGift Cards be reloaded?

No, you can't reload an eGift Card.

Can more than one eGift Card be used towards a purchase?

Yes. A customer can redeem another eGift Card during checkout.

How can I check the balance on my eGift Card?

Unfortunately our customers can't check their own eGift Cards balance, but we can check the balance for you and send you this information. Please email

Can an eGift Card be used to buy an eGift Card?

No, you can't use an eGift Card to buy another eGift Card.

Can an eGift Card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?

Yes, eGift Cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

Can I apply a discount code to my eGift Card purchase?

Discount codes cannot be applied to eGift Cards.

Do eGift Cards have an expiry date?

Yes, eGift Cards expire 3 years after date of purchase.

If you have any further questions about our eGift Cards, please call our admin team on 07 3899 0111.

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